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Eye for an eye in the name of the law
Civilization becomes blind now
Teach not the lesson, but seek the reward
Your honor's on the line, do or die here
Stretching out perceived mandate created by a farce
Nothing less to please deities above earth
Sight from the eye of the beholder
Testifies your crimes to you, blindness set in stone

Playing the role of the deity they praise
Subjugation foreshadows their wrongful fate
Most cannot flee from the parched throat thirsting blood

Will thou now concede to this... Merciless judgment?!
As we shall defenestrate... Obligation
Submission always steals your sons... From warm bosoms
Malevolence takes and can't... Ever give!

(repeat last 4 lines)

The tree branches filled with nooses
Swinging from overuse
Dispense with morals to receive more
Or stand and fucking die!

Deferrance, Repugnance,
Impudence, Decadence

Earth is really hell cloaked in white to fool the weak
Implimentation of this law murders the meak
Soon this lowly tribe will be left where the bodies reek
No God or immortal will help these damned troglodytes

No repentence for faux sins
Honor is my prize to claim
Decimation of your life
Even if you're my damn son


Both sides of the spectrum, indistinguishable
Welcome to the dark ages, motherfucker!

Parasite of genocide makes you ostracize
Maim, destroy and rape what you knew
Descration, molestation of the once abided
Flight is the only escape from mob mentality

Cesspool of a tribal world is now mine to destroy
as I so fucking please until it's far too late to
realize the consequences of my fucking goddamned naivete

Crucified without contrite
Staying alive with deceit
Dwindling numbers one by one (archaic law)


Will thou now concede to this Merciless judgment?!
As we shall defenestrate Obligation
Retribution will be served Sweetly

Public disavowing of peace and life
Replace civilization with strife
Honor and shame will mutilate
No amount of blood will satiate


from The Illusion of Choice, released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Eminent Terror Nederland, Colorado

Technical/brutal death metal from Nederland, Colorado

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