The Illusion of Choice

by Eminent Terror

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p0p brutal. hail science. Favorite track: Path of Death.
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Rhokeheart Awesome technical death metal from Colorado. One of the last shows I played with Brothel we shared a bill with these guys for swinging noose in Denver. I also gave them a design that they made into a t-shirt(which was an honor.) Give them a couple bucks and pick up this release. Favorite track: Wergild.
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Released April 20th 2014 via Pagan Pride Records
Recorded by Jason Rudy at The Tone Lab in Aurora, CO
Album art by Brutal Disorder Logos


released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Eminent Terror Nederland, Colorado

Technical/brutal death metal from Nederland, Colorado

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Track Name: Atomic Holocaust
Madness in the mojave
Vengeance creeping in slowly
Take naught for granted
For history repeats its violence

Decimation, laceration, retribution, desolation! (x2)

The silent threat accompanied by vagabonds and thieves
Souls wrenched away in order to stay the fuck alive
Weapons of imagination are at your disposal
Immortality is not given by the gun

Decimation, laceration, retribution, desolation! (x2)

As monsters slash and gnash away at your flesh and organs now
Those suffering from Old World Blues clash with lesser hominids

Currency is gone, replaced with refuse
The game was rigged from the start, so take what you can use

Everything that's not standing
Has been reduced to sand
And now you wish you were also
Taken by the carbonizing hand

War, War never changes.

Survival is a war of attrition that never changes
Not at all!
Track Name: Corroded Cadaver
Laid to rest
In your surrogate grave
Acid cauldron's where you lay
Not before I define justice
Copious murders conducted throughout your life
Now the tides have turned
Luck's no longer on your side
Time to end your petulant reign
No more bodies, no more fame
You're unable to be saved, except by explosive demise

Injected with
Nitroglycerin now
The flesh detaches from your bones
Your innards burn

The endless turmoil of murder
Has left you mentally vulnerable
Now you're within my range
The bullet flies through your combustible veins

Killing killers
One by one
Corroding your cadaver
Is my maim to fame

Injected with
Nitroglycerin now
The flesh detaches from your bones
Your innards burn

Bodies are melting

If you could
Take it back
Would you do it all again?
The lives you
Took were not yours
I'll reciprocate to you!

Track Name: Archbishop of Masochism

I command thee to
Lacerate the flesh
Pain, ambivalent
Obey the Archbishop (x2)

Euphoria through pain has become a lifestyle
Until you slice your veins into pieces

Nothing remains of your tattered, dead skin
Falling off easily as a tree's leaves
Track Name: Möbius Dick
Soon, all science shall be mine!

Freak of nature hypnotized
To smite the man before everyone's eyes
Have the scent of dough waft into your nose
Before that mother fucker dies!

Laid to waste
With great haste

Slit the throat and rip out the trachea
Ingest it before he loses consciousness
Symbolizing the way his morals run
Pluck out his eyes, don't give a bloody damn
Use his empty throat as a bong
Pouring every drug inside the cadaver,
ripping and smashing the fabric of space-time
imploding the brain!

When all of the sudden, monolith of screens
Gives you the bacon infested jizz covered pizza slice?

"I command you for whining this pizza slice, human
Nobody can contest you in raking this many drugs"

Toaster of sociopathic tendencies relapsed
Three times worth minimal wage pay is gone
Schizoid pyromaniac is bought for twenty cents
More than how much your motherfucking lives are worth!

With all the drugs
You see his soul secede
Away from his body
Using Hell as a retreat

Slit the throat and rip out the trachea
Ingest it before he loses consciousness
Symbolizing the way his morals run
Pluck out his eyes, don't give a bloody damn
Use his empty throat as a bong
Pouring every drug inside the cadaver,
ripping and smashing the fabric of space-time
imploding the brain!

Why?! Oh science!
This jizz is too much!

You're no match for science!
Track Name: Aggressor
Snapped synapsis makes me overfuck you
Aggressive motherfuck molests the sacred and dear
Sadist motives uncensored by insanity

Indescretion makes you a
Target of the aggressor

Beginning now, the dream made flesh
Vibrating knife penetrates
Your small anus feeling bittersweet


Snapped synapsis made me overfuck you
Aggressive motherfuck destroyed your glazed corpse
Satisfaction results from the end of your life!
Track Name: Path of Death
Ravaged by indiscretion
Stripped of all absolutes

Faced by Death's spectral entity
My soul is his ghastly prize
I won't go down without a fight,
Steal his scythe and slice him in twine

Choose to salvage collateral damage by
Contorting the malice manifested swiftly
Sink low to the depths of Hell's depression
Reflection of me, desire devours

Lacerating flesh and bone
Bathing in the entrails
Regurgitation of defilement
Regurgitation of decay

Soak my clothes
With your innards

Replacing love with bloodlust
I satisfy my needs with blood of demons
Soaking my clothes, leaving only chunks of flesh and semen in my path!

Slow descention repaid by hatred
Slice the face of satan off cleanly
Take and injest his vitreous humor
Crown myself as the king of evil

I will walk the path of fucking death!
Track Name: Ice Wraith
Trail of haze made of permafrost
Eerie sight seems to never end
Even with eyes that are frozen shut
Cessation of the poltergeist…
never is!

Without your trusty flame reaper
Breaking your fridgerated armor
Fangs will sink into your skin
After encasement in permafrost

Doomed from the outset
Smashed and slashed to the end

The fangs are the final nails in the
Surrogate coffin of
solidified snow
Now your adventure finishes

Wrecked ribcage, gnawed kneecap, the gore has just begun
Cleaved kidneys, overturned ovaries, feasting, leaving naught

Even as an animal
Ice Wraiths live beyond the pale
Never knowing emotional state
Only pools your blood creates

Cryogenic hemorrhaging
Frozen, smashed bones
Shrieking out in agony
As its famine is doused... by my flesh!
Track Name: Era of Decapitation
Abuse of this magnitude will be repaid in blood
Not before long, we shall slay till your kingdom comes

Crashing down before us
Ceasing the circlejerk that killed us
Shattering illusory effects
The people reign once more

Provisional gallows for these sociopathic gluttonous troglodytes

You brought this upon yourself!

The weight of the greedy fucking bastards
Rips apart the fibers of their skin
What was once conjoined is now forever severed
Representing the French centuries ago
Ushering in a paradox

This is the new era
that decapitates
Public displays of
Decapitation reign
Track Name: Prism

Hatred dream materialized
For someone that I once knew
How do I escape alive
From this restitution?
Trapped inside a prism
Made of solid steel
Condensing somehow without curtail
til I'm human veal

The cage reflects
My sanity
As the years elapse

Perverse is this sick design
Murderer concealed
No one hears my shrieks and sighs
When my flesh starts to peel
Squeezing my arteries shut
Severing them as well
Blood and marrow spill soon after
The claustraphobic spell

Jaundiced and gaunt, my skin becomes
Kept alive by a tube in me
Why won't this cease?

Joined by many others
In this purgatory
Slight solace is found
Our death, slanderous
The ones I've grown most attached to
Don't exist... The worst sort of hell!

Prism prison is my fate
All of this I can't abate
Prism prison opiate
With the pain you shall create (x2)

Free at last from this holding cell
In pieces and parts, captive says farewell
This illusion called choice revealed once again

Fucking Prism Prison Prism Prison Prism Prison Prism Prison Prism Prison

Reprisal is still somewhat discreet

Insurrection impossible eternally stationary (x3)


Prism Prison Prism Prison
Track Name: Wergild
Eye for an eye in the name of the law
Civilization becomes blind now
Teach not the lesson, but seek the reward
Your honor's on the line, do or die here
Stretching out perceived mandate created by a farce
Nothing less to please deities above earth
Sight from the eye of the beholder
Testifies your crimes to you, blindness set in stone

Playing the role of the deity they praise
Subjugation foreshadows their wrongful fate
Most cannot flee from the parched throat thirsting blood

Will thou now concede to this... Merciless judgment?!
As we shall defenestrate... Obligation
Submission always steals your sons... From warm bosoms
Malevolence takes and can't... Ever give!

(repeat last 4 lines)

The tree branches filled with nooses
Swinging from overuse
Dispense with morals to receive more
Or stand and fucking die!

Deferrance, Repugnance,
Impudence, Decadence

Earth is really hell cloaked in white to fool the weak
Implimentation of this law murders the meak
Soon this lowly tribe will be left where the bodies reek
No God or immortal will help these damned troglodytes

No repentence for faux sins
Honor is my prize to claim
Decimation of your life
Even if you're my damn son


Both sides of the spectrum, indistinguishable
Welcome to the dark ages, motherfucker!

Parasite of genocide makes you ostracize
Maim, destroy and rape what you knew
Descration, molestation of the once abided
Flight is the only escape from mob mentality

Cesspool of a tribal world is now mine to destroy
as I so fucking please until it's far too late to
realize the consequences of my fucking goddamned naivete

Crucified without contrite
Staying alive with deceit
Dwindling numbers one by one (archaic law)


Will thou now concede to this Merciless judgment?!
As we shall defenestrate Obligation
Retribution will be served Sweetly

Public disavowing of peace and life
Replace civilization with strife
Honor and shame will mutilate
No amount of blood will satiate